Water Lily


I was taking a leisurely walk on path so well travelled,
unperturbed and undisturbed, unfazed by sameness of it all.
Unaware about turnings that lay ahead.
Moments waiting to happen.
One glance through viewfinder, and I was caught,
hook, line and sinker.
I looked at unexplored territory,
waiting for my footprints.
Unexpected joy filled my being,
questioning life I was leading.
Becoming a child again,
I took tiny baby steps,
into world of my dreams.
Sight unfolded in front of my eyes,
drawing me deeper and deeper,
into journey now I begin.
I welcomed with open arms,
new friends I met on way.
Catalyst few gently urged me,
to live my life my own way.
Many avenues still remain unexplored and unknown,
waiting to find a way to explore,
I chart a path in map I make,
leading my life slowly to destiny I seek.

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