“Chiaroscuro” ….

There are very few women photographers in India and still fewer have held solo exhibition.

Sonali Dalal joins this rare community by holding a solo exhibition of her photographs titled “CHIAROSCURO”. ‘(Kee-ahr-uh-skyoor-oh)’ is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard to colour”.

This exhibition in a contemporary idiom depicts her fascination with, play of light and shadow in a photograph. She believes that shadow is a subtle way of highlighting the subject. While casting a sophisticated dark look at today’s world, she emphasizes the play of light as a beacon of hope.

To give free rein to viewer’s imagination in interpreting what he or she sees, she has refrained from titling the photographs leaving them ‘Untitled’

See the SLIDE SHOW by clicking on the first picture below..


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