Point Of View

I was fortunate enough to get grant for holding exhibition, from Lalitkala Academy of Gujarat, prestigious government body which promotes arts and artists. It was a recognition which made me extremely happy and also gave me courage to showcase work, which was almost abstract in concept and very close to my heart.

I had collaborated with two European artists , while they were on assignments in India. Under which, I had free access to their studios and was asked to document their studios, environment they worked in, things that inspire them etc.  They were as different as chalk and cheese and that made the experience very interesting. One of them was very clear about not photographing studio when he was actually working there, while other was very comfortable with my presence even when she was working. Both of them were fantastic human beings, extremely co-operative and in them I have made lifelong friends. Both of them encouraged me as well as taught me to observe small things which make their studio.  I have captured vastness of studio and their surroundings. But what interested me more, were small things I noticed in the studio and which actually were tools of their trade like colour tubes, papers, pencils, props, etc, which played part in creating  their art and yet are ignored in general.  Both worked with paints as well as blocks. From hundreds of pictures I took, I have selected few, to present my point of view about what makes an artist. I chose the name “Point of View” for my exhibition, as rather than presenting the studio and artists at work, I was concentrating on small but essential things which make an artist and which are not given importance when there is a talk about artist and his or her art.  All photos are almost abstract in nature and need to be seen in clusters I had presented them.



See the SLIDE SHOW by clicking on the first image below..


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