Mahatma Gandhi-Photo journey to his home

My first entry! So many photographic journeys to choose from. But I will start with, my journey to home of my favourite human being Mahatma Gandhi or Gandhiji. Gandhi stayed at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad,India from 1917 to 1930. The place is known as Sabarmati Ashram or Gandhi ashram. House where he used to stay is named “Hriday – Kunj”. Abode of heart. Here is my photo journey to this place.

I had to take this photo through lattice window as room was locked. One can see his spinning wheel,his desk,his personal items kept in well preserved condition.

His home reflects his simple way of life. One can see how minimum his needs must have been.

His Ashram is on the banks of river Sabarmati.

In the compound, there is beautiful Gandhi museum designed by Architect Charles Correa which is worth the visit. Building itself is so beautiful that it needs special mention.

Gandhi said “My life is my message”. So true! How many politicians or leaders of today can say this?

Museum building has many courtyards.

Morning light filtering through looked so beautiful.

What an amazing place! Place where you can go to meditate,to relax, to think,to relax.

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