Self Portrait

Me and My Camera

World around me ceases to exist.
You and me nothing else matters.
I saw your frame,
Freezing me in motion.
I see the beauty,
when others search around.
I want to own your soul,
with multiple shades of Grey.
I always wonder and ponder,
about capability to capture,
elusiveness of each being,
that core so special.
It is time to meditate,
one eye closed , I concentrate
It is just you and me
And soul I capture
Me and my camera
On journey so special.

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

13 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. At first I didn’t really see what was on the picture: hair, siluette, and then what?
    You know, most pictures taken this way are like these obvious, un-telling creatures. But your photo is simply beautiful.

  2. intriguing self-portrait of your photographer soul .. so deep ‘n clear. simply wonderful, sonali. sepia tones ‘n texture makes it so classy!

    tfs. regards.

  3. This is so lovely – the shot and putting into words the tangible relationship between an artist and their camera.
    I attended a seminar given by Nevada Weir – a very talented and sharing photographer. She was nervous when she started. Her camera and other photographic equipment were on a table on stage for some demonstrations to be given later.
    I think it was subconscious on her part but as she walked across the stage and turned to walk back, she picked up her camera. He posture changed – she relaxed – stood differently – smiled and spoke comfortably – it was amazing. She kept her camera in hand for the next two days of the workshop. It was part of her.
    I love this photograph πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. This is such an interesting story! I can very well imagine it. Habing camera in hand increases my confidence many fold. I must say. It has been a reason of my metamorphosis. Completely introvert personality has seen slow but sure change :).

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