“Attar” or “Ittar” , means natural perfume made out of flowers,herbs etc. “Attarwallah” means person ,who sells such perfumes. I came across this very traditional “Attarwallah”, in one small town of India. I decided to give vintage look to this photograph,as “Attarwallah” as well as his shop had old time look about them.

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

18 thoughts on ““Attarwalllah”

  1. Hey Sonali,

    Love the shot (if you took it), esp. becuz the guy and the vintage “feel” of the picture match perfectly!

    On a second note, it’s neither “attar” or “ittar”… It is “Itr”. The three letter pronounced together. It’s an arabic word ” ุนุทุฑ ” (in singular) or ” ุนุทูˆุฑ ” / “Atoor” (in plural).


    P.S. Where in India are u from by the way?!

      1. Probably not a good idea then! Especially since you will have a memory of the place and not of a smell you don’t care for!!

  2. Saw your blog on Blogger.Beautiful photographs all, but the most i liked are the of photos labeled ‘Faces of India’.

    One suggestion- It would be easier to browse through if you put the Archive here in this blog.

  3. The traditional attarwala is vanishing species these days atleast in urban areas. Not long ago a person with attardani (small box containing attar) used to stand at the entrance of marriage pandal and placed a little drop on back of one’s palm with a stick, a mark of ‘perfumed’ reception. Many people put a cotton swab impragnated with attar in the fold of one’s ear while going out.

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