One more of my painted photo as I call it!

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Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

22 thoughts on “Fence

  1. Ok Sonali — this is really good. I liked it yesterday but it’s taken me a while to organize my thoughts enough to comment. I really like this one! 🙂

    I really like the colors you’ve applied. They make the large, sweeping vista even more awesome. Is this also a double exposure? The two shapes in the top half, whether from a double exposed shot or some other way, add an ethereal, other-worldly element to it, as do the colors also.

    Wow! Yeah! I would hang this up! 🙂

    1. Thanks Zorgor! Coming from a painter,I appreciate it! Well nothing special here. I used texture which I manipulated little and colours of original landscape did the rest.:) !

      1. It doesn’t have to be difficult to be good! 🙂 In fact I’m starting to think there may be an inverse relationship between the difficulty of art and how well it works. Maybe if a piece was easy for the artist it implies skill with the artist’s chosen media… Maybe difficulty implies struggle and the artist stretching his skill… But I don’t know… 🙂 I just thought of this…

      2. I would like to believe it! After some practice it does become easier,no doubt about it. That is why one feels trepidation,starting something new.

  2. Wow! Well now, Sonali!!! This is quite something – am I right in thinking that your style is broadening – or is it just that I’ve yet to see a lot of your work???

    I like this very much – its a colour explosion! One point about your posts – I hope you won’t mind me making it – for me at least, it would be good to have a few words about each picture – maybe a title or, really, anything you like. That would make your posts better for me – but this might not be a general feeling!

    This is good stuff! Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian! Your suggestion is welcome! Many times I thought about writing something,then I had second thoughts as I was not sure about what to write and how to write! I will make a beginning soon.

      I have been capturing all sorts of genre. In fact that is the problem with me as I cant zero in on what i want to do. But “Fence” is recent addition to my range of experiments. And frankly I am loving it.My list of favourites are candids,abstracts,photo essays,street photography etc. Though technically I am not experimenting much.

      1. Not being able to zero in on any particular genre is no problem at all, Sonali – producing good images is what matters, whether they are from one or a hundred genres!

        I don’t have much of an ongoing plan for my blog >>> except to try to alternate genres frequently, ie I don’t want to do ten landscapes one after the other, but rather to throw in portraits, abstracts etc too, to broaden the mix. Adrian

      2. Sonali this, I am sure you would suspect would be one of my favorite images from you. Could it be the cool processing, the lovely overlay of colors, or right-on marksmanship as an photographer/artist? Great work.

  3. I posted my first comment accidentally with you and Adrian’s commentary. What I wanted to included was that …”the words will come”. Expressive prose sneaks into your mindset. Write what comes to mind. There is connectivity. Worry about editing later….

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