Step-well of Ambapur

© Sonali Dalal and (2012)

Step-wells are wells where water can be reached by descending the steps. Gujarat,Indian state and my home state,has many such step-wells from bygone era. They are of great historical significance and today they are all in the category of protected monuments. These structures were made out of stones with some amazing carvings. These wells were also used as a refuge against intense heat of Indian summer. People will go deep inside and will be protected from the harsh sunlight. Water in the well used to provide cooling effect. Travelers used to rest there while passing by.

Here I have captured step-well of Ambapur some 20 kms outside my hometown of Ahmedabad.

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

31 thoughts on “Step-well of Ambapur

  1. Ah, the details pop so well in black & white, Sonali! You’ve composed it so well that I wish I could walk right into the image. I hope we can make it to Gujarat someday to see such special architecture.

    1. Thanks. This particular “vav” as we call it,is nothing in comparision to amazing carvins of “Rani ki Vav’ and “Adalaj Vav”! I will upload their photos soon.

      1. The truly are !I have another blog. where I have presented some photo essays on our heritage,our traditional arts and crafts.

  2. Beautiful mono, and I like the perspective in this photo, the way my eye is taken in amongst the columns. And the text is great – added to a good image is now the interest of knowing what it actually is – good stuff! Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian! Your feedback always helps. I sincerely look forward to all feedback,criticism,suggestions as it will help me to improve. Also gives me new perspective. Otherwise I will become set in the way I do things.

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