I loved the reflection of the face, I could see in the glass,along with reflection of the vase. Made an interesting opportunity for photograph.

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

10 thoughts on “Reflected..

  1. Nice composition – having the woman far off and not in focus, along with her reflection in the table top, works very well and – as always! – good mono! Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian. I have been experimenting with my photography recently. More contemporary style ,if that is the correct word, than what I usually do. And enjoying it.

      1. Experimenting – just the job! Do keep trying different things – one of the joys of digital is that such trials can be done so easily. Try things even if you think there’s no hope of success, and maybe put some on your blog to see what other people think ->>> that’s the way forwards! Adrian

      2. That is what I am doing to some extent. Few photos on this blog are experiments by me. And I feel happy that there has been positive response!

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