Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

15 thoughts on “Drop…

  1. WOW ! This is the stuff of dreams. I often watch the waves forming on lakes but never thought to get a shot of wave formation like this … Now imagine if each foci was a cell tower and your brain was somewhere in between …

    1. Thanks! Now I know why you write so well! Wonderful imagery. Now to let you into secret. :)! This is not water at all. It is tie dyed fabric. When I looked at it from certain angle design looked like whirlpool! I turned the image upside down to form a drop! So for me now,it is water.

  2. Excellent picture! There are two curving lines coming out towards the left hand margin >>> what about trying rotating this 90 degrees anticlockwise??? Not sure! Adrian

  3. I originally thought the image was water, sharpened to a great degree. But tye-dye? Amazing. Sometimes I find that there are a multi-tude of great subjects in the things around us. They make for great abstract possibilities when manipulated. Nice piece. My recent posts Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes, was a step in this direction.

  4. Glad to know the secret of this photo. It adds an interesting dimension to it. The symbols, be they in gestures, words, sound, images, even silences, are the categories with which we think and communicate. We use our capacity to modify and manipulate them to convey and to create……. If done successfully, it becomes art…..

    1. I entirely agree. I love abstract photography purely for this reason. It is a challenge for my sense of observation. One can visualize an object in many different ways. I also think that silence makes your imagination run riot and contributes to creativity.

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