Umbrella Seller

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

20 thoughts on “Umbrella Seller

  1. During the monsoon I just walked around and enjoyed gettting wet. I didn’t care about no umbrellas. After all the heat prior to the monsoon, it just felt nice to be cooled down by the rain. Refreshing!

    Great colorful photo!

  2. I see how the rains arrived, it must be a great contrast. I live in New England. And the coolness of the autumn can be a great relief after the summer, we miss the warm sun, but are patient for its return. Everything must come up in color after the rain…

    1. Indian monsoon can dramatically change the landscape. Transformation is seen to be believed. I have a heard a lot about New England autumn. I visited it once but unfortunately during December.

      1. I imagine the Savannahs turning green and then brown when the heat returns … Not every autumn is dramatic – there was one week in the early 90’s where the colors were just so dramatic, you would have to stop the car and get out just to be sure it was real …

      2. Dramatic Green is very short lived. Then during winter,it remains Green which is pleasing to the eye,with few Brown patches here and there. But come March and Brown becomes prominent colour with few Green patches. And from April to June it turns very very dry,when heart yearns for a patch of the Green. All this depends on the monsoon we will have. This season it is bad and late,so I don’t know how next 12 months are going to be!

  3. Explosion of colors……. somehow I found too much orderliness or purposefulness in the photo…….

    1. You have hit the nail right on the head. Well,frankly, I took this photo just for the sake of it. Yes,it is colours that is india and that is how India is supposed to be. Truthfully, as a photographer ,it does not satisfy my creative soul.

  4. Excellent colours and reflections, and the child and woman in the background and the green wall right of the woman, and the writing on the red wall, all bring a lot to the shot – without these elements the image would just be of bright colours. Adrian

  5. This picture really seems to have a story behind it. It looks like the little boy is mad at his mother or just thinking about which umbrella to pick out. 🙂

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