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20 thoughts on “Minimal…

      1. Any digital filtering? I like it — don’t get me wrong, but all I see is gray pixels with no detail… I thought this was purely digital art. I would never have guessed it was a photo! 🙂

      2. Hi Zorgor, do not worry, I am open to criticism, analysis,views,ideas :)! It keeps me thinking too. I took the photograph,converted it into monochrome and increased the shadow. Frankly, I do not remember or keep track of what I have done. As I am not used to Photoshop, I use various other softwares available online. But basically I use, highlight,shadow,contrast and sharpen. And yes,sometime texturing. And when I arrive at the image I like,I Stop. I really like this image as it is more like a painting. I like the fluidity of the lines and one very tiny dot at the end. I am happy that you like it too :)!

      3. That answers my question. 🙂 It did come out really well. IMO the best thing about minimalism is how thought-provoking it can be. Hmm, perhaps that’s how I judge minimalism… Anyway, yes, this is very thought-provoking! Well done!

        What is it a tiny statue of? 🙂 It’d be interesting to know what you started with.

      4. It is a very tiny White marble bottle like shape. Typical indian shape.

        Firs,I thought of titling it “oblivion” ,because somehow it seems to melt into darkness.

  1. I’ve done something like this – which I don’t think I’ve yet posted >>> but your image is wonderful! you can’t get much more Minimalist than this!

    And I think you need some courage and self-assurance to post something like this – good for you, Sonali! Keep on keeping on, let’s have more way out ideas! I admire your photography. Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian. I have slowly gathered courage to post some “way out ideas” as you say. I use this blog to post such experiments. On other sites, I am boringly routine.
      My exhibition, 2 days away now,is going to be away from routine. I am not sure how it is going to be accepted, as people here are not exposed to my “way out ideas”.:)! By the way, I like this term!

    1. Thanks :)! Perfectly said exploring fringes of capability and acceptibility! I would love to explore fringes of my creativity, challenge my vision in a way,experiment with it.

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