Waiting for the customer-Traditional Vegetable Market

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

8 thoughts on “Waiting for the customer-Traditional Vegetable Market

  1. There’s such a lot to look at here, so many colours and textures and shapes. A good summary of the shopkeeper in his place of work – and I particularly like the picture of the woman top left – a religious image? Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian! Indian vegetable market is seen to be believed. Colours, cacophony, texture,variety, drama and what not. Phtographer’s delight.

      Picture on the left is that of God Shiva and not woman. 🙂

  2. Wow, I really like the dynamics of this picture. The colours, the shapes and repetitions. A shame photos can’t bring the smell nor the sounds with them, but this one nearly does.
    A pleasure to look at, for sure.

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