16 thoughts on “Frangipani

  1. Oh I enjoy your photography, Sonali! I don’t know what to say – I looked at this and it made me gasp – “Oooooooooooooo!”.

    Its Minimalist of course, and I think that the few non-black items that you have in the frame are perfect.

    You have created great beauty. Adrian

    1. Thank you so much Adrian. This image is one of my favourites.

      I feel that there is too much space on the left. I should have kept the flower on the bottom corner or may be longer stem.

  2. Great image Sonali. The colour in it is fabulous.

    I can maybe understand your feelings about there being too much space on the left, but I have to agree with Adrian. I tried covering up a bit of the left side with my hand but I think the image works better with more. If anything the small highlight on the stem at the bottom of the image might be a tad distracting, what do you think?

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