10 thoughts on “Dancing away…

  1. Splendid! I really like the color of peacock feathers! In the area where I live, men apply to hats peacock feathers, which they wear when they wear traditional costume. I leave you dear Sonali, a movie where you can see folk in the area where I live!
       Have a wonderful day! Love, Stefania! 🙂

    1. Stefania, Thank you so much for sharing. Though I do not understand the language, I enjoyed the sound of music And costumes are fabulous. Peacock feathers are so beautifully arranged!

      1. Sonali, my dear, I’m so happy for you like the traditional costume of the region in which I live. In the videos you’ve left here you are traditional folk songs in which love plays. And performers are dressed in traditional costumes.
        Thank you so much for your appreciation! Indeed costumes are beautiful … and peacock feather hats are typical accessories they wear men on holidays!
        Have a wonderful Sunday! Stefania fondly! 🙂

  2. Very beautiful – you’ve caught him just right! There might be a picture within a picture here: just his neck and head set against the background of his incredible feathers.

    Did you know that I was a birdwatcher / ornithologist for decades? Google “A bird atlas of Kenya” and you’ll find me there.

    Good stuff! Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian. I will definitely google . I love birds though hardly recognize them. Whenever I get a chance,I try to photograph them. Many common Indian birds, at the last count some 20-25 species, visit my garden everyday or frequently.

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