7 thoughts on “Landscape-Minimal

  1. What are you not sure about? I think it is a great interpretation of ‘landscape’ – the only things I cannot figure out are the geometrical forms (I only realized them on a third glance): Lens flare?

    1. Thanks.:)

      I was wondering about too big a negative space. I am personally very fond of dark images, but was not sure with this one.

      Geometrical forms , where do you find them? At the bottom , geometrical form is a tiny hut.

      1. …and was too fast. I really think the negative space works well here. Along with the colours, the picture reminds me of Japanese ink drawings a bit. The space creates an very special atmosphere here which is hard to describe: fleeting? transparent? Sometimes less really is more!

      2. I agree, sometimes less is more. I am fan of minimalism. May be liking for negative space comes from there. Japanese sensibility is all about less is more. And I like that.
        Thanks once again for your comments! 🙂

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