5 thoughts on “Industrial India

      1. I saw a documentary call ‘The Ship Breakers’ that showed the working conditions there, and the environmental impact it was having, as well as the dangers the workers face. The work used to be done in Rotterdam, but became too expensive, so it moved to Alang. If I recall the injuries and deaths are more than 300 per year. That would never be allowed in the west. People work there because the money is good …

  1. Interesting picture, Sonali, really in their amongst the dirt and grime, the oil, the metal and the cables – it really gives a feel of what’s it like to be there.

    I’d thought this toned mono, but the sparks look orange and now I can see some blue – this is colour, isn’t it? Wonderful colour, very constrained, very well done! Adrian

    1. Yes, it is colour. But not colourful :). Industrial establishments are generally so dark, hence I wanted it to be darkly presented but not in monochrome.

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