12 thoughts on “Hard at work

  1. Thanks Stephen! I will treasure this compliment :). I love doing candid portraits. Frankly, I am also little bit uncomfortable doing them, but I generally make my intentions very obvious. So person knows that I will be capturing him or her. And if they have any objections they can make it known to me. I suppose , it is easier to do portrait photography in India, as generally people love to be photographed.

      1. :). Such a melodious sound it was! In fact,while I was sitting there, he made 3 bells (completely handmade) and each had a different sound. Sweet and melodious. These bells are tied around necks of cows,buffaloes etc. So that cowherd can hear them even if they venture far off.

        I once stayed in the middle of the desert. I woke up around 5.30-6. Sun was just rising on the horizon, world had yet not woken up,so there was a complete silence which only mornings can bring and from far off I could hear these bells as cows must be moving about. It had such a sweet sound. I always associate sound of these bells with that.

  2. Beautiful details and colours, a wonderful portrait of someone at their work, someone in their world – and I especially like how he is holding it steady with his foot – another really excellent photograph, my friend! A 🙂

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