6 thoughts on “In the flames..

  1. Hi, where have you been? >>> long time no hear from!!! I know you’ve postponed the operation – I hope all is ok.

    I like this shot -its not mono, is it? although its close to being so. His silhouette is very striking, and the chaos between him and those distant buildings works well. I hope you’re fine, Sonali! Adrian

    1. Hi Adrian ! Thanks. Have been very busy with group show, which will get over today. And there have been some wonderful development on photography front. Will write to you soon. :).

  2. I do like silhouettes and this one grabbed my attention. On first sight I thought the subject was, as so often is the case, looking away from the camera towards the dust or smoke. Then I realised, I think, that he was in fact looking straight towards the camera. It is this uncertainty in my mind, that really asks attention and makes it an excellent image.

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