11 thoughts on “Peace

  1. I was told by a friend that Christianity in India goes all the way back to St Thomas who established a Catholic Mission there almost 2000 years ago? This is an interesting photo … I imagine the cross was not intended as a religious symbol?

    1. No it is not a religious symbol. It is a place where they tied boat if needed, in the middle of the lake. 🙂 . Christianity is there since long time but I am not sure about it being 2000 years old. I would definitely check it up. 🙂

    2. You are right. Here is what one of my friends has to say : ” As with early Christianity in the Roman Empire, it is assumed that the initial converts were largely Jewish proselytes among the Cochin Jews who are believed to have arrived in India around 562 BC, after the destruction of the First Temple. Many of these Jews presumably spoke Aramaic like St. Thomas, also a Jew by birth, who is credited by tradition with evangelising India.
      A historically more likely claim by Eusebius of Caesarea is that Pantaenus, the head of the Christian exegetical school in Alexandria, Egypt went to India during the reign of the Emperor Commodus and found Christians already living in India using a version of the Gospel of Matthew with “Hebrew letters, a mixture of colture.”This is a plausible reference to the earliest Indian churches which are known to have used the Syriac (a dialect of Aramaic) New Testament. Pantaenus’ evidence thus indicates that Syriac-speaking Christians had already evangelised parts of India by the late 2nd century. ”

      1. Interesting. All I knew was that St Thomas was the one who brought it to India. In some places I have read that Jesus studied in India during the ‘missing’ years. Part of his initiation.

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