4 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. YAAAYYYYY!!!!! … love it ….. great stuff!!! 🙂 I’m all for selfies of you – “will the real Sonali Dalal please stand up? …”. But quite apart from that, I think this works really well. I mean, it could be me wearing a hairy hat, but its got immediacy and movement, and I very much like the way you’ve focused on the mirror and left your reflection out of focus – the marks on the mirror definitely add to it.
    And its very good that you’re using portrait format, as the colour of your bare arms, and hints of your face too, provide colour highlights in what might otherwise have been a duller colour range. Then there are the rumples in your pale top and the sidelighting playing across them – and lastly the unobtrusive backdrop. Good stuff >>> keep on keeping on!!! A 🙂

    1. Hahaha real Sonali Dalal is what you see in profile photo, a crease here and there photoshopped 🙂 ;).

      Thanks. I like this photo very much as it has old world look, I think.i tried out in Sepia too but ultimately settled down with colour.

      1. I think you did well to stay with colour, the colour really adds to it. And if you’re that good at Photoshopping out creases, maybe you could work on some of my selfies?????

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