Protest against series of attacks on Indian women, has been a subject, for latest photos of my continuing “She” series.


Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

4 thoughts on “Besmirched

  1. I like this picture, Sonali, but there are two things I don’t understand about it. First, are those bandages on the woman’s upper arm and wrist, or clothing? Second, have you added the black markings to the image? I think I know what you’re doing – besmirching! – but I’m not sure it has the desired effect. For me, her uncertain look, and the furtiveness engendered by her being half hidden – or perhaps her diving out of view completely – do it better. A

    1. I am happy that you have given your opinion frankly. It helps me. Woman us wearing traditional bangles on her arm. In some communities bangles are worn right upto upper arm. They are generally pure white or offwhite without any additional designs on it.

      Regarding Black mark,yes I have added them. Do you think it is too much?. This is an idea which was playing in my mind. It is good to have a feedback.

      1. I’m glad my comments are helpful – I would certainly not want to annoy you. I’m not sure about these black marks. If it were me – and its not me! – and if I were contemplating something like this, I think I’d make the marks far more large and prominent. Maybe not with this image, but in my mind I can see a woman’s staring face, partly seen between such marks, staring out between them. A

      2. I won’t be annoyed at all. 🙂 . Don’t worry . Be blunt. I prefer that. Actually that was the idea. Woman’s face staring between marks. I will think more about the execution.

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