2 thoughts on “Makeshift swing

  1. Oh this is nice, on several counts. The combination of green and yellow is beautiful, and I very much like the way those leaves are draping delicately down at the top of the frame. That the trunk is also slightly green adds to the effect.

    Then the strong shape of the tree is very well arranged across the frame – coming from the lower left up across the frame – and the rope and tyre are a wonderful addition to this strong and dark part of the composition.

    And, a minot thing, just right of the bottom of the tree’s trunk, that pale plant looks like a huge and monstrous spider!

    Overall, this is a very beautiful and artistic image, Sonali – I could easily have it hanging in my living room. Adrian

    1. Thank you so much Adrian :). When I saw this it stopped me in my track. Hanging tyre is used as a swing by children in India. But Yellow background and the way the tree stood there on very very quiet street drew my attention.

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