8 thoughts on “Triangles

      1. Was busy with exhibition :). Then travelled for few days. But basically was just not happy with my work . So didn’t want to upload here. Thought it ok for other social networking websites but here I want to upload something I feel sure about. Anyway still not very happy πŸ™‚

      2. Frankly,at the moment i am not clear about genre i should follow or even subject i should work with. So trying out everything and not so happy about it. My favourite genre always have been abstracts , realistic abstracts and candid portraiture. I also enjoy minimalism. But at the moment nothing seem to work to my satisfaction. May be overdose of social networking presence or feeling low after high of exhibition. I have had a long discussion with Adrian about social networks. My experience tell me that i get heavily influenced by what I see there and i am not sure whether it is right or wrong. Plus point about it is that i have learnt a lot,technically speaking . so i won’t like to dismiss it completely. I just hope , i come out of this uncertain period asap.

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