Traditionally, photography is supposed to represent reality or is a reflection of reality. Except maybe in the case of abstract Photography where it all depends on the photographer’s vision.

Today this meaning of Photography no longer holds. With Photoshop as a powerful tool, where reality stops and make-believe begins is very difficult to judge. Personally speaking, I would rather go for the original meaning of Photography. I do abstract Photography quite often, but I believe it is more to do with the way I see things rather than manipulation. If and when I do manipulation, I would prefer to call it photo art rather than Photography.

I came across following video recently. Would love your views about it.


Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

6 thoughts on “What is PHOTOGRAPHY?

  1. I looked at the video for a while…yea, I know, photography is not to be trusted, nor are words, nor are paintings, nor are gross of politicians….I do not care that much…but I must say, I admire a truthful and artistic photo that has appeal…to me!… I now feel it best not to think about this topic much and leave everyone to their own thing.

    1. I do agree. Each to one’s own. But it is more to do with what we like to shoot and enjoy more. Every photograph is a piece of art. And like all art, everything may not be to one’s liking but it doesn’t mean it is any less. Just my two bits πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, definitely, leave everyone to their own thing, there is no prescribed way, photography is not a religion. And see my recent first post in the Thoughts for those new to photography series – the bottom line >>> we are all different.

    Also, as Amateur Photographer magazine has repeatedly emphasised, much post-capture manipulation of images took place in the days of film – I did some myself on wet darkrooms decades ago, although I was never very skilled at it. Digital photography has made image manipulation much easier and more accessible, but it is simply wrong to think that image manipulation is anything new or only found in β€œthe Photoshop age”. πŸ™‚

    1. I have heard about manipulation in Darkroom. I believe Ansel Adam was quite good at it. Unfortunately, I have never worked with films so not much idea about it. May be photoshop has made it easier and accessible?

  3. Yes, there are heated debated about this topic in the camera club world, which i left some time ago. Indeed, in the old days people made cutouts and more for their dark room stuff, although what comes out of my camera and my final creation usually needs a little work in PS to bring out what i saw or intended…I now do not add but might subtract!!

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