French Sojourn – 14

On a rainy day

Thanks to forced lockdown, I have found time to go through my archives which bring back so many memories of my travels as well as my photography journey. Few folders remain unedited and few are side-lined being considered unworthy, which now I am planning to go through. Many are simple snapshots of memories without any photographic excellence. But it doesn’t matter. Circumstances have made me realise importance of those simple snapshots too , as I wonder whether I will ever visit those places again.

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

9 thoughts on “French Sojourn – 14

  1. Paris…how lovely she is , hot chesnuts, the Louvre, the Seine , the bridges and of course the Eifel tower…the streets, the markets, the people, the nightlife…need I go on?

  2. Yes, snapshots are memories, even if they are not considered art. Surely worth a look. Travel will return, and with greater appreciation. Imagine having made those journeys by train!

    1. Thank you 😊 keeping my fingers crossed. My travel bug has gone into shell, forced to rather. I do not see it happening in foreseeable future as i don’t think we in India can hope to be vaccinated till December 21. And with so many complications with vaccines our doctors are asking us to wait and watch.

      1. We are upstate New York. When it started in March we saw very few cases, where New York City had so many. Now we are seeing 150 – 200 new cases per day. Still less than 100 in the hospital, but it is a concern, so we are staying home more, but not completely. Everyone wears masks … Supposedly the US will see vaccines in December too, but your Drs advice is wise. This is mRNA – never done before. They rushed the Dengue vaccine in the Philippines and that did not go well. I’ll wait too… be well!

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