Indian countryside

I generally do not edit my photographs too much. I have been recently experimenting with textures , and I must admit I like it. I agree it makes photograph look more like a painting than photograph but something appeals to me. I would welcome feedback.

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Photo Artist.

45 thoughts on “Indian countryside

  1. Gives it a watercolor feel. I like it. Editing is fine if we don’t start relying on it to make up for inattentive photography. Which is not the case here…

  2. Dear Sonali, I learned something with my experiences and also from other photographers too, to take photograph is something and could be artistic too, but to create an artistic image with photographs is something too… You did great job with this amazing artistic image… I loved it. I am glad you did this and liked… Don’t think that you damage the photograph, just your photograph being a model in your digital art… Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. My first reaction was “wow!” Very cool composition, and I think the texture adds a lot of interest. Kind of makes it look like an antique photo with some age, and yes kind of also like a painting. It looks great!

      1. It’s really not that hard — you’d be great at it. It may take a little to learn to get the paint to do what you want, but most of the difficulty after that comes from trying to paint realistically. Honestly, painting abstracts like I do side-steps a lot of that. You would be good at it I’m sure, and painting interesting things in no time! πŸ™‚

      2. Thanks for your confidence ! Trying to paint realistically and failing has made me loose my courage and confidence :(! I should try abstracts as you say. One day….. !!!

  4. Wonderful image sonali. The composition is perfect. I’m a fan of texturing and digital manipulation, all within reason of course. There is nothing purist about not manipulating a digital image. Multiple exposures, overlays, dodging, burning, toning,and different print mediums were all done throughout the history of photography. It’s the final image and what the artist wants to convey that really matters

    1. Thanks! Perfectly said. I personally think, that,manipulation which completely changes character of original photograph,is unacceptable. That will make us unimaginative and casual when we actually click the photograph. Anything which enhances the beauty is ok within the limits. Ultimately it should represent creator’s vision.

  5. Sonali, this is an excellent picture! We were talking about “painterly photographs” yesterday evening – and this shot of your’s is just what I mean. As you know, I often subject (!) my photos to intense manipulation in pursuit of the look I’m after – and I urge you to continue giving it a try too >>> and especially with mono! Mono is positively sitting up and begging for it!!!

    I like this picture very much of your’s and I’m going to reblog it. Hope you’re fine. Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian! I am fine. I was travelling since last few days and clicking! I was rather afraid to try out this painting effect as was not sure about it. But result pleased me, so gathered courage to post. I am now venturing more and more into manipulation,but with a persistent doubt about right and wrong of it! I think I would call it digital art or “painterly photo” as you say, just to appease my doubts πŸ™‚ ! Thanks a lot for re-blogging! Great moral booster!

  6. Hi Sonali,

    Photography is an art, its a passion and everyone has their own thoughts on images and how they feel that should look. It is in my opinion important for us all to enjoy photography, do what we want with our images and enjoy what photography brings to our lives.

    You have done a fine job here and obviously enjoyed the process, so, well done for that πŸ™‚

    Keep up your passion and keep up your lovely blog.

    Best Regards


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