Traditional Vegetable Market-India

Published by Sonali Dalal

Photo Artist.

16 thoughts on “Traditional Vegetable Market-India

  1. As always, nice composition! I like how you composed with the colors that were there. I can’t help thinking this scene would make a nice painting in a Caribbean style — very vibrant!

    1. Thanks! India markets are so colourful! Sometimes,I do wonder,am I doing right thing by converting my photos to monochrome or shooting monochromes? India also has a soul and I think monochromes bring it out without distracting viewer’s attention from main subject. This controversy about Indian photograph is age old!

      1. Well you could do both… Especially when you’re converting to monochrome, you have done both, right? I guess it’s always a judgment call for what you’re trying to portray…

  2. A vibrant and busy scene, full of interest and colour. I’ve never been to India, but this photo sums up some of my thoughts re what it must be like there. Adrian

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photograph. Such abundance I have not seen in some time. Very beautiful and peaceful. I am so glad there is such a place in this world! Lovely!

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